HUGE thanks to everyone that helped us shovel snow today!!!

It has been a heck of a snow year so far, and it needed some serious help sliding off our buildings this year. We are all feeling a huge sigh of relief now, knowing that our buildings are no longer in danger of collapsing from the weight of the snow!

It was a great crew, and we were able to get a lot done in a relatively short amount of time. Thanks Everyone!!

  • Before the party began…too much snow!!

  • These cabins need to lose their crowns!

  • Krissa shoveling the Trapper Cabin

  • Jim, Cliff and Logan working on the roof of the Cookhouse – it finally slid before we left today – yeah!

  • Logan and Nick clearing off the solar trailer

  • Cliff shoveling Cabin 6

  • Logan in mid swing on Cabin 8

  • Nancy working on one of the crew cabins

  • One of the few roofs we don’t have to shovel! (Tent cabin 11)

The Crew:

Cliff Courtney, Logan Courtney, Bethany Gerhard, Jim Courtney, Krissa Shively, Nick Davis, Nancy Davis

Also a big thanks to Mark and Monica Courtney who invited the crew over for coffee and lunch. That was unexpected and awesome!