Spinning Rendezvous 2022

2022 Stehekin Spinning Rendezvous

3 Nights: June 3-6, 2022

This is a great opportunity for folks who enjoy working with wool and other fibers to get together and create new things while visiting with others who share the same passion.

New to the fine art of spinning? JOIN US! This is a great way to learn new tricks from those that have some more experience.

Oh, and did I mention that this is all happening at Stehekin Valley Ranch – where fabulous vistas and amazing food abound! It just doesn’t get any better than that!!

This Year’s Project: Make a Fiber Salad

The Fiber Salad Workshop:

Our project will be picking, carding, and spinning a fiber salad.  You may have seen articles about guilds that have done this process.  Spinners bring their odds and ends of spinning fiber—amounts that are too small for most projects.  They throw everything into a pile, pick the fibers, toss and mix them, card them, and spin their mixed batts.  Each spinner’s donation to the “salad” will be weighed before it joins the mix; after picking, each spinner gets the same weight back to card and spin.

There is no fee associated with this workshop! Just bring as much fiber in the form of odds and ends as you want to get back to spin from the makings of the Fiber Salad. 

Have we piqued your interest? Read on for the full low-down on what the weekend entails and how to reserve your spot. Hope to see you here!

Ready to sign up? Contact our reservation office to reserve your spot: 509-682-4677 or ranch@stehekinvalleyranch.com

Please Note: Cabins have been blocked off specifically for this group, so you will not be able to reserve online for this event. Please use the contact info above to Call or Email us to make your reservation. Thanks!

2022 Rendezvous Details


3 Nights: June 3-5, 2022, departing on June 6.


Stehekin Valley Ranch, Stehekin, WA

Cost & What’s Included:

Stehekin Valley Ranch is offering an inclusive package for this weekend. Get your cabin, all meals, and boat transportation (required to reach Stehekin) for $550.50* + tax.

What to Bring:

Your spinning wheel.

You should also bring a selection of your fiber odds and ends to put in the “Fiber Salad”. You will get back the same weight of the final product as you put in.

If you have items you would like to bring for show and tell, bring those too!

And of course all your personal items for a 3 night stay.

Are non-spinners welcome?

Sure! Bring family members or close friends if you wish. There are plenty of activities for folks to do if they are not spinning. Hiking, electric bikes, kayaking, horses, or just kicking back in a hammock.

We do ask that there is at least 1 spinning participant per cabin for this package deal.

How to get here:

First you have to get to the boat dock at Field’s Point. It is located on the South Shore of Lake Chelan. There is a parking fee at the dock. We recommend carpooling if possible to save on parking fees (charged per vehicle.)

Catch the Stehekin Ferry at 1pm and travel to the upper end of Lake Chelan. The folks at the Ranch will pick you up at the Stehekin dock when you arrive. After a 9 mile bus trip, you have arrived! Have fun!

How to Sign Up:

Contact Stehekin Valley Ranch:
509-682-4677 or

Let their reservation folks know you are interested in signing up for the Spinning Rendezvous, and reserve a cabin.

You will be contacted in the weeks prior to the event with additional information.

Who to Contact with Questions:

If you have questions about the workshop and other event activities, please contact Molly Gerhard at: mollygerhard@gmail.com

If you have questions about the Stehekin Valley, the Ranch, and non-event activities, contact Stehekin Valley Ranch at: ranch@stehekinvalleyranch.com

*Rates subject to increase due to inflation and/or fuel surcharges.

Slideshow of the 2019 Spinning Rendezvous

For 2019, we did a “Sheep to Shawl” project. We spun the yarn and then everyone took turns with the table loom to create to weave a beautiful shawl.