New Rate Structure for 2024

We have re-worked the format of our rates for 2024. For the most part, they still work out to the same great deal as the old rates, but we have made some adjustments to make it a little more fair for people staying in different sized cabins.

  • Wagons are still the same price.
  • Ranch Cabins are slightly more expensive for 2 guests, but the per person rates are reduced to make them more economical with more guests.
  • The Ranch House comes with extra amenities, and is thus slightly more expensive.
  • Children are age 3-12.
  • Infants (2 & under) are FREE
  • Meals and Bus Transportation are still included in all pricing.
  • Base Rates are for 2 people (except in the Ranch House where it is based on the minimum of 6).
  • Single Occupancy Discounts are available in Tent Cabins and Wagons only.

Inclusive Rates

Guests are provided with all meals* and complementary shuttle transportation between Stehekin Landing and High Bridge. Do the math – that’s a huge money saver!

(2 Night Minimum Stay)

Tent Cabins (1-4 people):
Base Rate (for 2 people): $280/Night
Additional Guests: $140/adult/night, $105/child(age 3-12)/night
Infants (2 & under): FREE
Single Occupancy Discount: 25%

Ranch Cabins (2-6 people): (with private bathrooms)
Base Rate (for 2 people): $400/Night
Additional Guests: $170/adult/night, 120/child(age 3-12)/night
Infants (2 & under): FREE

Wagons (1-2 people): (with private bathrooms)
Base Rate (for 2 people): $370/Night
Infants (2 & under): FREE
Single Occupancy Discount: 25%

The Ranch House:
Base Rate (for up to 6 people): $1230/Night
Additional Guests: $205/adult/night, $150/child(age 3-12)/night
Infants (2 & under): FREE

Pets: Starting in 2022, we will no longer be allowing pets. We have unfortunately had too many complaints regarding unattended or poorly behaved pets.

*Included meals begin with dinner the day you arrive, and you may pack a sack lunch the day you depart.

Information and Reservations:

For more information and to make reservations,
contact our reservation office
Monday through Friday, 8am — 5pm at:

Stehekin Valley Ranch
P O. Box 36
Stehekin, WA 98852

Deposit and Cancellation Policies

We require a 50% deposit (including taxes) to hold your reservation. Contact our reservation office (1-800-536-0745), or send your deposit to:

Stehekin Valley Ranch
P.O. Box 36
Stehekin, WA 98852

Cancellation Policy:
10% of the total cost of stay is nonrefundable. 100% of deposit is nonrefundable unless we are notified in writing (email is fine) 30 days prior to your scheduled arrival. If your reservation is made less than 30 days prior to your scheduled arrival the deposit is non-refundable. Total cost of your stay plus tax is due upon your arrival. 50% of the cost of unused services will be refunded.

Fire, Smoke & “Acts of God” Policy:
We are not responsible for natural disasters which might affect your stay such as fires, smoke, floods, etc. As such, we do not refund your deposit if you decide to cancel due to an “act of God”, unless an official closure notice has been issued and guests are literally unable to come – which is a very rare occurrence. If you are concerned about losing your deposit in this sort of event, we highly recommend purchasing Travel Insurance (see below). Please do not expect us to be your insurance policy. Bear in mind that we only take a 50% deposit. If you do end up cancelling, we are meeting you halfway by losing the other 50%. We also encourage folks who may have respiratory issues to not plan your stay during the typical fire/smoke season (generally the month of August has a higher potential for fires in the surrounding area.)

Travel Insurance:
We highly recommend you purchase travel insurance. Unexpected events happen, which can cause you to cancel your trip. To guard against losing your deposit, you can buy travel insurance for a small fee. If you wish to purchase travel insurance, go to TripAssure , or other online travel insurance sites for details and to purchase.