Lakeshore Trail

Length: Variable, maximum 17 Miles each way | Difficulty: Easy

The Lakeshore Trail follows the north shore of Lake Chelan 17 miles to Prince Creek. The day hiker can go as far as he feels up to and turn around. Few will choose to go any further than the seven miles to Moore Point (14 miles round trip) before turning around and heading back to Stehekin. The trail has only slight ups and downs for the first four miles to Flick Creek. This is a good destination spot for a day hike as the lake is easily accessible and there is a campground and shelter.

This is the ideal trail for a morning or evening stroll if you are staying at the North Cascades Lodge at Stehekin because the trailhead is close by. Those staying at Stehekin Valley Ranch can use the bus system to get to the trailhead, or rent a bike for more freedom of schedule.

It is also a nice day hike with small children as it is easy walking and when they get tired, you can turn around and return to the Stehekin Landing area easily. Since you don’t gain much elevation on this trail, the views are limited to the lake, Stehekin Valley, and the surrounding mountains. The best view on this trail is 5.9 miles down-lake at Hunts Bluff where you are 400 feet above the lake with a good view of the surrounding area.

To find the trailhead follow the road past the Golden West Lodge a few hundred feet. It is a good idea to walk in front of small children as there are a few rattlesnake sightings along this trail every season.