6 Night Hiker Itinerary

7 Days, 6 Nights – Hiking from Stehekin Valley Ranch

Day 1

Board the Lady Express at Field’s Point at 9:20am. You arrive in Stehekin at 10:45am and are met by the bus that takes you to Stehekin Valley Ranch in time to settle in to your cabin, and have a leisurely lunch.

Ride the bus 2 miles to High Bridge, and hike the Agnes Gorge Trail (5 miles round trip). Catch the bus back to the Ranch for a savory dinner in our cookhouse.

Day 2

Enjoy a hearty breakfast, and pack a lunch in preparation for the day’s adventures.

Hop on the shuttle bus, and head down-valley to the Rainbow Loop Trail. 4.5 miles will wind up through the wooded side hill, and then open up to spectacular views of the valley and lake as you descend back down. Take a left at the road, and go another 1/2 mile to end at the Bakery for a tasty treat! Sit and relax, or take a stroll down along the lake before catching the bus back to the Ranch.

Choose from a variety of options for the rest of the afternoon:

  • Rent and Electric Bike and explore the Stehekin Valley at your own pace.
  • Ride one of our Norwegian Fjord Horses to Coon Lake.
  • Enjoy a relaxing Massage.
  • Take your fishing pole and try your luck in the Stehekin River.
  • Kick back and enjoy some “hammock time”.

Just make sure you are back in time for dinner!

Day 3

After breakfast, pack a lunch and take the bus all the way back to the Landing, where you will have the day to explore the Lakeshore Trail. An easy hike following Lake Chelan, this hike can be as long (or short) as you like. 4 miles brings you to Flick Creek, generally a good turn around for most groups. Catch an afternoon bus back to the Ranch.

Day 4

Get an early start at breakfast, then catch a ride all the way to the end of the road (Carwash Falls) from our staff. Then hike along the “Old Wagon Road” trail to Bridge Creek. Check out the amazing water features at the Bridge while enjoying your sack lunch. Then head on back to High Bridge for an afternoon pick-up. The rest of the day is yours to relax at the Ranch!

Day 5

Free Day – Take a break from hiking, and enjoy some of the other great activities Stehekin has to offer, including: Kayak Tours of Lake Chelan, Horseback Riding, Electric Bikes, Massage, Mountain Bikes, and Fishing.

Or, if you want more hiking – try the River Trail. Head down-valley to Harlequin Bridge, and hike the 4.5 miles of River Trail all the way to Weaver Point on Lake Chelan. This trail also has access to several great fishing holes, so bring your pole too!

Day 6

Enjoy a hearty breakfast, and pack a lunch for another day of breath-taking hiking.

Catch the bus to High Bridge again, and strike out towards some spectacular views. Hike to your skill level, going as far as your skill and interest will take you:

  • Coon Lake (AKA. Howard Lake) Loop – 1.0 mile of moderately steep trail takes you to Coon Lake-a beautiful alpine lake surrounded by rugged mountains. Sit and enjoy the peaceful view before  continuing on, taking every left when the trail splits. 1.0 miles past the lake, you will return to the main road. Take a right for 500 yards to see the “end of the road” where it washed out at Carwash Falls. Or, just go left to head back towards High Bridge. Along the way you will cross Tumwater Bridge which is another beautiful spot. (3.5 miles total)
  • Optional side-trip on McGregor Mountain Trail:  Continue past the lake a short ways. You will see a trail taking off to the right towards McGregor Mountain. There are 2 great vantage points 1 mile and 2 miles above Coon Lake, and these are great destinations. Beyond that, the views to the south just get better and better the farther you climb up the side hill – turn around when you like. (additional 2+ miles, depending on how far you decide to go)
  • McGregor Mountain – For those looking to get some elevation, this is the best hike in the valley for views. Follow the trail to Coon Lake, but continue past the lake a short ways. You will see a trail taking off to the right towards McGregor Mountain. The summit is another 7 miles from this point, and will give a 360 degree view. The last mile is a bit of a scramble, so be sure to get clear instructions of the route before attempting to summit. Do NOT feel like you must summit to make this hike worthwhile though! Fantastic views will be encountered throughout the trail.  (up to 16 miles total)

Return to the Ranch on one of the scheduled afternoon shuttles, and then enjoy another fantastic meal – you’ve earned it!

Day 7

Breakfast is served and then it is back on the bus for your trip down valley stopping at all the points of interest including Rainbow Falls, The Old Stehekin School and of course, the bakery. The Lady Express arrives back at Fields Point at 1:35 pm. This gives you ample daylight to travel to your next destination.