Agnes Gorge

Length: 2.5 Miles (5 Miles Round Trip) | Difficulty: Easy

Agnes Gorge Trail takes you 2.5 miles to a 210 foot deep gorge with only 300 feet elevation gain. As far as scenery is concerned, this is my favorite of the easy trails. The trail opens up in a couple of places for a nice view of 8,115 foot Agnes Mountain. After two miles, you will reach a small stream that crosses the trail – be prepared to get your feet wet in early summer! From this stream it is only a half mile to the edge of the gorge where there was, at one time, a suspension bridge across to the other side. If you backtrack approximately fifty feet, you will find a path that continues upstream. Follow this and it will take you down to the water’s edge near a 15 foot waterfall and a view of the gorge. This is also a great place for a lunch stop.

This trail is an excellent choice for a half-day hike for folks staying at Stehekin Valley Ranch. Hop on the bus or ride your bike the 2 miles to High Bridge, and you are ready to hit the trail!

To find the trailhead, cross High Bridge heading up-valley. At the top of the hill you will see Agnes Creek Trail taking off to your left. This IS NOT the trail you want. Continue past the road that leads to High Bridge Campground about 125 feet and you will see where the Agnes Gorge Trail leaves the road on your left. This trail is well marked, but it is a much smaller trailhead, so pay attention on the road lest you walk right past it.